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  New England Region Winner: Excellence in Innovation!

The Ross Hill Public School leadership, staff commitment to excellence and the positive and proactive partnerships with the local community have led to the implementation of innovative programs and practices that have placed Ross Hill at the forefront of excellence in the region. Ross Hill was the first school in the region to implement and promote social and emotional program entitled You Can Do It! Since its inception in 2006, the school has enjoyed a significant change in school culture, leading to significant and sustainable reductions in student suspensions, increased parent participation, improved student learning outcomes and growth in student enrolments.Ross Hill Staff at Awards Ceremony

Many schools have visited to see the program in action, with Ross Hill Principal Jenny Murray training other schools in the region, with similarly positive outcomes. In 2006 the school purchased and commenced utilisation of a student data collection system. Over the past four years, the school’s leadership has worked collaboratively with program developers. This data now informs school improvement and includes positive and negative behaviour, data and follow-up actions on school attendance and referrals to support staff, academic performance, parent contact and school photographs. Other relevant documents can be attached to the system.Ross Hill has shared this development with all ten schools within the Sapphire ommunity of Schools with the aim of improving data to improve decision making and learning outcomes.

The school has implemented staff development practices through visits to schools and organisations identified as areas of excellence, shared collegial discussion and reflection, attendance at conferences and training within and outside the school. Parent
evaluation of programs is regularly sought.

The school is continually looking to improve student learning outcomes in ways that are creative, relevant and needs directed. The leadership and staff firmly believe that all students need to have a well balanced program and broad ranging learning opportunities to maximise engagement. A range of programs have been initiated which are exemplary practices in innovation. These programs cover thinking skills, music, visual arts and technology. Measurable improvements in suspensions, student learning and parent satisfaction have been achieved.

As you walk into the school grounds of Ross Hill Public School you instantly feel a welcome and calm atmosphere. All aspects of the school suggest organisation and collaboration. Students are happy; they get along well with others and ensure visitors are made feel welcome. Parents are seen in all activities and staff enjoy very positive and productive professional partnerships with all key stakeholders. All community members take great pride in the school. Staff are constantly suggesting ideas for change and new initiatives are welcomed and collegially embraced.

Ross Hill is without doubt a school with an outstanding school climate.


NOTE: This article has been independently written by the New England School Education Region. Download the entire PDF, which describes other schools who won awards also.

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