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Kindergarten CountingRoss Hill is a very well resourced and progressive mathematical school. The school focuses on using the Mathematics K-6 Syllabus and a variety of programs and resources to compliment the document. The Mathematics K-6 syllabus emphasises the strands of Number, Patterns and Algebra, Data, Measurement and Space and Geometry, together with the process of Working Mathematically.

Ross Hill is a Count Me In school. Most teachers at Ross Hill have been extensively trained in Count Me In and Counting On mathematical techniques. Count Me in Too is an innovative numeracy project operating across New South Wales Department of Education and Training primary schools. It is designed to assist teachers to broaden their knowledge of how children learn mathematics by focusing on the strategies students use to solve arithmetic tasks.

A number of grades are involved in maths groups; either focusing on ability levels or various strands of the syllabus. Smartboards have also allowed for exciting new delivery of mathematical lessons. All grades are extremely well resourced with large amounts of equipment available for Year 2 at computersany type of maths activity. Text books are also used to compliment maths activities.

Ross Hill is also involved in the Numeracy and Literacy week with grades coming together and working through fun and interesting maths rotation activities. The school also participates in the University of NSW Mathematics and the Maths Olympiad problem solving competitions.

Recently our school was blessed with a number of beautifully painted art works in the Infants area. These are based on mathematical concepts and an Aboriginal theme to encourage children to become even more involved in mathematics.

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