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Dear Parents,

Thank you for selecting Ross Hill Public School as a place of learning and development growth for your child.

We are very proud of our commitment to education, of our students' achievements and we look forward to sharing the celebration of their successes with you. Together we will form a close partnership in assisting your child along their lifetime pathway of education.Jolly Phonics being used with some children.

In this package you will find articles which will make interesting reading. This information will assist you to prepare your child for school.

Please take time to read through the package. Especially, download our Countdown to Kindergarten 2013 dates. Complete the necessary enrolment form and return it to the administration office at school.

When you come to the school to enrol, please bring these documents with you:
1. Proof of student's residential address. (eg original copies of council rates notice, residential lease, electricity account)
2. Birth Certificate or identity documents.
3. Copies of any family law or other relevant court orders.
4. Immunisation history statement. Contact Community Health for an appointment, phone 6721 9600.
5. Completed School Screening Questionnaire included in this package.
It is essential that we sight the forms listed above. Unfortunately we are not able to accept enrolments without this information. This is a policy of the NSW Department of Education and Training.

You may also need to return:
6. Special medical information - please check with office staff if in doubt.
7. Bus forms for students who are eligible for bus travel.

Special Orientation Days for incoming students and parents will be held in Term 4.

We are sure that your child will enjoy his / her first introduction to school.

Staff of Ross Hill Public School

Beginning School

Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 1 2012 at Ross Hill Public School will be as follows:

Monday 30/1 Tuesday 31/1 Wednesday 1/2 Thursday 2/2 Friday 3/2
First Day Years 1-6 First Day Kindergarten Starting 10am Kindergarten 10am - 2pm Kindergarten 10am - 2pm Kindergarten 10am - 2pm
Monday 6/2 Tuesday 7/2 Wednesday 8/2 Thursday 9/2 Friday 10/2
Normal School Hours Apply - 9:20 to 3:20 for all years K to 6

Learning to read at Ross Hill
The first day for Kindergarten students will be TUESDAY 2nd February, 2012

Arriving At School:
On the first day of school parents should bring their child to their classroom at 10.00 am, and pick them up at 2.00 pm. Parents should recieve a letter giving them a staggered starting time on the first day, so that the first day isn't as overwhelming for families. Otherwise come just after 10:00am.
For their first week students will start at 10:00am and finishing at 2:00pm. Following weeks will be normal school hours: 9:20am to 3:20pm.

At home time:
Parents are asked to collect Kindergarten students from the Kindergarten collection point, at the Bannockburn Road side of the kindergarten classrooms. Please wait for your child outside the building. The teachers will escort students outside to meet you.

If you need to collect your child before school finishes, please go to the main office first and notify the office staff who will issue you with a yellow slip that is handed to the teachers as you collect your child.

Students who catch buses will be escorted around to bus lines, initially by the teachers and later, with the help of older students or family members who then become bus bud-dies.

If your child's going home arrangements change, parents must notify the class teacher in writing

Things to Know

School Day

8:50am-9:20am Playground - is Supervised
9:20am School Starts
11:00am-11:25am Morning Tea
1:00pm-1:20pm Eating Lunch
1:20pm-1:45pm Playground Play Time
3:20pm Home Time

* The Kindergarten children who catch buses are collected by brothers, sisters or a bus buddy from outside the Kindergarten rooms and escorted to bus lines. Please ensure that your child knows the name of the bus they are catching and where toget off. Travel forms are available from the office and bus companies.

Kindergarten children skipping

* Please ensure your child has a bag (with their name on the outside) big enough to fit their jumper,hat, lunch box, drink bottle and their home school reading book. It's important that they have a go at packing it themselves and are able to undo and fasten the catches by themselves, zippers are better than plastic clips.

* Please label all clothing especially jumpers, hats, coats and shoes. Lunchboxes and drink bottles need to be clearly labelled as well. Please pack morning tea separately from lunch and label it. Show the children and talk about it during the holidays.

* We have a - "No Hat - Play in the Shade" rule in our playground. If children do not wear a hat outside at morning tea and lunch time then they must play in the shade. We remind children to put their hats on as they go out and put them in their bag after play.

* The children will be taking off and putting on their shoes quite often at school. If your child cannot do up shoe laces yet, please consider buying them slip on, buckle or velcro shoes to make it easier.

* The only equipment your child needs to bring to school is a library bag and a paint shirt, both with their names clearly labelled. All the pencils, scissors and books, are supplied by the school in the early years.

* Kindergarten children are allowed to bring in a little toy to play with at lunch time. Not favourite ones, as they are responsible for them in the playground, but something they can put in a pocket. Please label with your child's name.

* Please ensure your child knows how to use a toilet properly, flush and wash hands. They should know how to ask to go to the toilet - eg: May I go to the toilet please?

* If your child's arrangements for going home change, please notify your child's teacher in writing.

The First Year

Daily Kindergarten Program

Structured Morning Less Structured Afternoon

* Talking-Conversations
* Listening to others
* Listening to stories
* Shared Reading
* Guided Reading
* Independent Reading
* Modelled Writing
* Guided Writing
* Independent Writing
* Gross Motor
* Mathematics

Alphabet games Magnetic letter games
Word games
Listening post
Creative responses

Fluency patterns
Handwriting skills
High frequency words
Sound/alphabet letter knowledge

* Moving to
Music/Dance/ Drama
* Singing, Rhymes,
Finger Plays
* Games/P.E/Sport
* Art/Craft
* Computers
* Science & Technology
* Structured & Free Play
* Short Quiet Times
* You Can Do It!
Dressing up
Making things
Construction &
Reading corner

Children may be working in ability groups, as independent individuals, in mixed groups or as a whole class group during these structured learning times.

The First Days

Best Start Assessment

At the beginning of the school year all Kindergarten students will be involved in participating in the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment: (Ross Hill Public School has been participating in Best Start since its inception in 2008).

This assessment involves teachers finding out about each student's early literacy knowledge, skills and understandings by using a series of specially designed assessment tasks.

The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment has two parts: Literacy and Numeracy.Kindergarten child and Mrs Baker counting

In Literacy students complete guided tasks to identify whether they can:
* recognise familiar print in the environment;
* recall details about a picture story book that has been read to them;
* write their name;
* understand how books work; and,
* recognise and use sounds and letters.

The numeracy assessment is related to early number concepts and is designed to identify:
* How well students count;
* Which numbers they can recognise;
* Whether they can correctly collect a small number of objects;
* Whether they can add and subtract small numbers of objects; and
* Whether they can recognise simple repeating patterns.

The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is designed to provide teachers with information about each student's abilities so they can plan effective teaching and learning programs during the first year of school. It will also provide you with feedback about how you can support your child during the first year of school.

More information about Best Start is available on the DET website.

Our Library

Our library welcomes all classes K-6. Library lessons focus on information skills, technology use and reading for enjoyment. All students have a set library time during the week.

Kindergarten to Year 4 students are asked to bring a library bag for personal book loans.Any library bags are allowed however waterproof library bags are available from the library or clothing pool at the cost of $10.00.

A variety of activities throughout the year encourage the love of reading and improvement in student literacy. During Term 3 all infants students get to participate in book week including a book parade.

Our Website

Our website is intended to be a great resource for parents to interact and receive communication from Ross Hill Public School. It is maintained regularly for your benefit. You can find some great pages about our use of Technology, specifically smartboards, and our great student support program called: You Can Do It! You can also find the weekly newsletter, the term calendar, and other relevant pages for parents and students.


Preparing for School

Assisting your child to learn some social and organisational skills beforecoming to school will make their transition so much easier.

A Student enjoying her schoolwork.Some of these skills include:
* Using eye contact when speaking to peers and adults
* Taking turns in games
* Not always expecting to win the game
* Following rules
* Recognising their own name
* Putting on and taking off their own jumper, shoes and socks
* Doing up shoe laces
* Opening and closing lunch boxes, drink bottles and school bags
* Opening poppers, muesli bars, glad wrap etc
* Going to the toilet independently
* Washing hands independently
* Using a bubbler
* Packing up equipment and toys
* Holding a pencil correctly
* Using a pair of scissors

Other Information

Playground fun at Ross HillYou can find other information about Ross Hill Public School on our website, or by asking at the office.

Be sure to see the following information:

* Countdown to Kindergarten dates.pdf
* Our Uniform
* About the canteen, including a price list.
* Our You Can Do It! Student Well-being program
* You can see a number of pages about our excellent curriculum activities on our home page, in the School Life tab. Especially visit our current Kindergarten year.
* Feel free to come and visit our Library.

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You can find more information at the DET website. (Click "Going to a public school" and then "How to enrol in a public school".)

Especially see: "Information for Parents".









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