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This is 2P's: Ross Hill School - Streetview.

        The Front Garden near Andrew St Our Andrew St Rose Gardens             The Support Unit Playgym        
          Some of our great Art The Reading Rooms                    
                        The Kindergarten Rooms Main Entrance The Support Unit Main Entrance      
            The 2A Classroom The Kindy, 1 & 2 Eating Area   The Playgym and Kindy Rooms              
            The 2P Classroom             The 2D Classroom The 2B Classroom    
              The Winanga-Li Gallery - Art Gallery                  
        Behind the 2A & 2P Classroom   The Infants Eating Area The Outdoor Stage The Winanga-Li Gallery - Our Creative Arts Room                
        Behind the Library   More Wall Art         The Activity Room          
              The Library Entrance                  
                The Infants playground from our YCDI garden     Infants Toilets          
                YCDI Garden Sign The Year 3 & 4 Eating Area              
              So you want to play Chess? The YCDI Shady Tree The YCDI Surfboards              
                        To The Office        
                    The You Can Do It Characters            
          Wall art on the Year 6 rooms       Paintings on the Staffrooom       The Covered Walkway to the New Two-Storey Building      
                        The New Year 4 & 6 Building Our Front Office - near Bannockburn Rd The Year 5 Steps    
          The Year 5 & 6 Eating Area                      
                    The Year 3 Classrooms            
            The Basketball Court                    
          The Hall Door - Main Entrance                      
            The Hall covered area.                    
            The Canteen                    
          The Back of the Canteen                      
          The Bottom Playground and Cricket Pitch                      
                          The Old Year 6 Demountables - to be removed...      
                          Our Bottom Playground - from the Cricket Nets      
                            Year 6 Area - the Bottom Shaded Area    
                        The Nature Garden - Our very own

2P Mapping Project - 2011

As part of our unit of work on Local Places we walked around our school and talked about all the places that are in our school. We coloured a map of the school using blue for the classrooms, orange for staff and office areas and yellow for the toilets.

We decided to make our map into an interactive map where on a computer we could go to a place on our school map and a photograph of that place would appear on the computer screen.
We took some photos of lots of things in our school. We sorted the photos that we liked and renamed them so they can be put onto our map.

We asked Mr Campbell to help us with the computer project. He came to our class and showed us how to make our map into an interactive map. Mr Campbell made us a little yellow camera and an arrow to show where our photos were taken in our school.

We then put the cameras on our map and linked the pictures so you are able to see the photos we took when you hover over the little yellow camera.