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Ross Hill Public School has a proud tradition of excellence with students achieving academically, creatively, and on the sporting field. We are a highly innovative school with very strong community support.

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National School Chaplaincy

The National School Chaplaincy program is a service that compliments the care offered to students by the school. School Chaplains are responsible for supporting the spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing of student. They have a key role in supporting the spiritual wellbeing of students regardless of faith or beliefs.

School chaplains:

  • Work closely as a member of the school welfare team to plan and deliver students resilience and wellbeing services
  • They support students, their families and staff in difficult situations such as during times of grief or emotional challenges including providing appropriate referrals
  • They participate in school activities such as sport and excursions
  • They mentor and coach students needing assistance in classroom activities
  • They contribute to the school newsletter

School chaplains do not provide religious instruction or initiate faith discussions with students. The school chaplaincy program is a voluntary program. Our school chaplain is Miss Tineke Dekkers. Tineke is available at Ross Hill PS every Thursday and Friday. She often works with students in Years 5 & 6 but is available to support everyone, and is always ready with a smile.

If you would like further information about the program, you can contact the school office or speak to Tineke directly.

19th November 2013


Kids Artwork as gifts

Our students are once again creating some beautiful pieces of artwork in class.
They are then transferred to Calendars, Iphone covers (4, 4S and 5), greeting cards, Diary and Mouse Mats.
These would make great Christmas gifts for your family and friends. If you didn’t receive a Kids art work flyer you can look at one on the school website and also print a note to return to your class teacher. There may be some available at the school office.Kids Art Works

This year the calendar will have our School Name, Child’s Name and Age at the bottom of calendar. This will make a special keepsake.

Samples of the calendar, mouse mat, Iphone cover, diary and cards can be viewed at the school office.
Calendars $11, Card Packs $14, Diaries $16.50, Mouse Mats $14 and IPhone Covers $15.

Download more information. Or download the note.

15th October 2013


Fundraising Catalogues

Orders for the Parent Direct and Chalk Toy Fundraising Catalogues close on Thursday, 24th October, 2013 and Thursday, 14th November, 2013. You can have these home delivered or returned to school. If you wish to see the catalogues please call the school and arrange a time to get a catalogue. 20% of all sales excluding freight and admin charge are given to the school as vouchers to buy educational tools. Orders can also be made on online at www.parentdirect.com.au or www.chalk.com.au. Please select Ross Hill Public School so we get the 20% voucher.

15th October 2013


School Banking

School banking is held on Tuesday mornings so don’t forget your bank books.
We are holding a competition at our school, which will be drawn on the 10/12/13.
Prize 1 - Dollarmites Back Pack with goodies inside, Prize 2 – Dollarmites Back Pack with goodies inside. Prize 3 – Booklight

Get entries into this competition by depositing money every Tuesday this term:
Open New Account - 5 entries,
Each week you make a deposit - 1 entry
Bank every week for Term 4 - 9 entries,
Bank 1 – 5 weeks only - 1 entry for each week banked

Commonwealth School Banking is also running a competition. Prizes are 60 Apple Ipod Touch 16gb, 100 prizes of Kids DVD Adventure packs. Entry is automatic, just school bank each week from 21st October to 30th November to get your entries. More information is available at www.commbank.com.au/adventureisland.

15th October 2013


P & C Walkathon Day

We invite our school families, grandparents and community members to our Walkathon Family Fun Day which will be held on Friday, 6th September, 2013 9am – 2pm in our school hall.
This is our largest fundraiser for the year. Previous fundraising has gone to the purchase and installation of the playground equipment in Infants and on the oval.

Helpers are urgently required in the canteen and to assist on stalls during the day. Please contact the Canteen or Heather Hottes if you can help.

Our School canteen will not be taking lunch orders on the day of fun day.
The canteen will only be taking pre-paid orders for Sausage on a bun and a popper $4. Please take $4 for each Sausage on a bun you wish to purchase to the canteen. Orders must be made before 2pm 4th September for catering purposes.However, there will be a selection of hot food, sandwiches, cold drinks, Tea, Coffee and slices available throughout the day.
A bag will be given to your child’s teacher and all students will collect their orders with their class teachers. Mum and Dad and other family members can pre-order as well before 4th September.

Donations of ingredients like cake mixes, 100’s and 1000’s can be left at the office or canteen by Wednesday. Volunteers will then cook cakes etc for the stall.

Craft items, good quality toys and books, dvds (G rated only), magazines can be left at the school office during school hours or taken directly to the hall on Friday. Plants can be left on Thursday.

Donations of craft items (e.g hand towels), plants, vegetables, fruit, flowers, Cakes, biscuits, lamingtons and other cooking etc can be left at the Hall from 8.00am on Friday.

There will be food (patty cakes to purchase from 50c and $1, chocolate snakes, freckles from $1 per bag, lucky dips $1 - $4, facepainting $3 (cheek only), books, toys (new and used), gifts from $6 suitable for Christmas presents.

The raffle will be drawn at 1.15pm at the Basketball court. The tickets for the raffle are $1 each. All ticket books sold or unsold are to be returned to the canteen before 2pm on Thursday 5th September.
Raffle prizes are a laptop, Patchwork Quilt donated by Georgia McDonald, kitchen/cooking packages, Photography package from Fleeting Moment Photography – sitting, printed photos and photos on USB.

Come and have a look at the stalls 9am – 2pm. All children will attend the Hall with their teachers. – Infants in the morning and Primary after morning tea. Infants start their walk at 11.20am and have lunch at 12.20pm. Primary have lunch at 12.40pm and have their Walkathon between 1.30 to 3pm.

A big thank you goes out to the businesses that have donated to our Walkathon Family Fun Day. They are New England Truck and Auto, Kenway & Clark, Inverell Firearms, Commonwealth Bank, National Bank, Commonwealth Bank School Banking, Woolworths, Bunnings, Big W, Coles, Midwest – Slush Puppy and Fleeting Moments Photography.

2nd Sept 2013



Ross Hill Public School will be participating in the Personalised Learning and Support Tool (PLASST) 2013 Trial.

During the next few weeks our school, along with other public schools in the area, will be participating in the trial of a new tool (PLASST) being developed by the Department of Education and Communities for teachers to identify the learning and support needs of their students.

This trial is focussed on the development of a sound and reliable online tool that, when finalised, can be used by teachers in collaboration with parents and carers to identify the strengths and educational needs of students with additional learning and support needs. This information will assist schools in planning and personalising learning and support for individual students who require adjustments in their day to day learning.

The trial will involve teachers completing an online questionnaire about the educational needs of some of their students. Students themselves will not be required to complete any additional work or be formally assessed as part of the trial. This trial will not impact on students’ education provisions.

Further information about the PLASST trial, including the collection and use of data in the trial, will be provided by the school in a letter to parents and carers. Or can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions about the PLASST trial, would like to discuss your child’s involvement or would prefer that your child does not participate, please telephone the school on 67 222475

Telephone Interpreter Service
If you need help with English to make an enquiry contact the Telephone Interpreter Service on 131 450 and ask for an interpreter in your language. The operator will call the number you provide and get an interpreter on the line to assist you with your conversation. You will not be charged for this service.

26th July 2013


Library Book Fair - Week 3

It's that time of year again, the Ross Hill Public School Library is having the annual Book Fair. We have hundreds of books available for parents and children to purchase, and children have been finding their favourites for a wishlist. The book fair will be available all next week from Monday 29th through to Fir 2nd. Every day the shop opening hours are: 8:30-9:00 am, 1:15-1:40 pm, and 3:30-4:00pm. But the shop is open ALL day Thursday.

Book Fair Now Showing!

The book fair raises money for Ross Hill Public School Library resources. Every year we raise over $1000 to spend on resources. The children are getting great books to read for home, and we get great resources to share at school! Please support this fantastic opportunity by getting your child, your grandchild, or a friend, a book from our book fair. Note: the annual book character parade won't be held next week, but will be scheduled for another time.

Robyn Brown

25th July 2013


Autumn Weather

With the lovely warm days it has been easy to forget that the cooler weather is on the way. Students are asked to wear their winter uniform from the end of week 3. Ross Hill is very proud of its uniform and our students looks sensational with their school jumpers, jackets and ties on. Students are required to wear their school hat all year round and are asked to leave brand name hats at home.

Our uniform:

  • promotes a sense of inclusiveness and equal opportunity
  • increases the personal safety of students and staff by allowing easier recognition of visitors in the school
  • makes school clothing more affordable for families

We ask all parents to encourage your children to wear their uniform daily. Our clothing pool is available with both new and pre-loved uniforms for sale.

Deb Baker
Acting Princpal

8th May 2013


Canteen Price List

Our Canteen has updated the price list. The permanent location for the price list is in the parents tab above, and then in the right hand column. Go to the canteen page here.

8th May 2013


The Ross Hill School Website

Our Ross Hill School Website has been hosted for many years in Sydney with the Department. It turns out that very few schools hosted their website on the servers provided by the Department. But now those servers are closing - before the school holidays. If you can read this blog you will know that our School Website has moved homes from Sydney to an Inverell location. (Just a bit of trivia.)

9th April 2013


School Band Practise

The Ross Hill Public School - School Concert Band has been practicising for it's next performance. Here are a few pics... See our Music page for more info. Especially on how to join.

Ross Hill School Concert Band
Ross Hill School Concert Band
Getting into the Percussion
Ross Hill School Concert Band
Our Flautists
Ross Hill School Concert Band
The Brass
2nd April 2013


Mother's Day Stall 2013

In preparation for mother's day - Sunday May 12th, Ross Hill Public School will be providing children with an opportunity of choosing a gift for their Mum, Stepmother, Grandmother or that favourite Aunt. The children get really excited when it’s their turn to choose their presents.

Children will attend the stall with their Class Teacher on WEDNESDAY, 8th May, 2013. There will be a catchup stall on Friday, 10th May, 2013 in Cake stall area at recess for extra purchases or to swap gifts. Cost of each gift is $6. Children can buy more than one gift.

HELPERS ARE REQUIRED to help at the stall. Please leave your name and daytime phone number at the front office or contact Heather Hottes if you can help . Stall will be held between 9.20am – 1pm.
For more information download the note. The note needs to be returned to school by Monday 6th May.

25th March 2013


Goonoowigall Excursion

As part of our COGs unit, Year 6 will be going to Goonoowigall Reserve on Wednesday 3rd April 2013. The children will visit the reserve to see examples of weathering and erosion and how these effect the surrounding environment. Download note for more information.

15th March 2013


2012 Annual School Report

You can now view the Ross Hill Public School Annual School Report online. OR Download it here. ASR

14th March 2013


Great Start to Term 1!

Congratulations to all our students on a wonderful start to 2013. Everyone has settled into their classes and already Mr Migheli and myself have had students coming down to visit to show their great learning and wonderful work.

We have also had lots of fun this term. Our SRC day last week was amazing. Everyone dressed up as a 'Life Goal' - something they would like to achieve in their life. Apart from raising more than $500, our students showed that with a ‘You Can Do It’ attitude they will be successful at whatever they choose. We saw nurses, doctors, scientists, cowboys, pilots, dancers, sportsmen and women, policemen and even a butcher as well as many more professions. Thank you to Mr Butler and the SRC for their organisation.

Dress Up day
Ben as a Pilot
Dress Up day
Lily as a Teacher
Dress Up day
Dusty as an Engineer
Dress Up day
Chelsea as a (mad) Scientist

Deb Baker
Relieving Principal

13th March 2013


Support Unit - Reverse Integration 2013

Our family having funWe are really excited about having each class at Ross Hill participate in our Reverse Integration Program again this year. Our Reverse Integration Program allows students from the rest of Ross Hill Public School learn what happens in the support unit.

We appreciate all the wonderful teachers who welcome some of our students into their class for integration opportunities each day.

Again this year we would like to offer more reverse integration activities... Read more

Support Unit Staff and Students

12th March 2013


Coffs Coast Excursion - Year 4


The year 4 teachers are currently planning and selecting the activities for an excursion to the Coffs Coast Beach School. If you have not returned the permission note yet, there is still plenty of time. Here is the Youtube video of the Coffs Coast Beach School in action.

You can also download a copy of the permission note.

See the year 4 blog for more stuff on year 4.

6th March 2013


Year 2 Toys Day

As we approach the end of Term 1, we wish to celebrate the success of those students who have continually displayed positive behaviour this term. This will be acknowledged with a rewards afternoon on Thursday 7th March. All students who have not received a reflection in the past 6 weeks will be given the opportunity to participate in a games afternoon.

During the afternoon the children will participate in a variety of non-structured games and have an opportunity to enjoy playing with their favourite toys at school. Each child will be responsible for bringing their own favourite toy or game to be shared with their peers. These might include card games such as Uno or Old Maid, Barbie dolls, match box cars or a board game like Trouble.

For more information download the note.

5th March 2013


Kindergarten Nursery Rhyme Day

As part of our Term 1 unit on Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales, Kindergarten are having a fun filled dress-up day and we would like to invite you to come along and share in the fun. The day will start with a Dress-up Parade of characters in the school hall at 10:00am. To ensure that our costumes remain a surprise, could you please send your child to school in their costume. Parents please meet us at the hall. For more information download the note.

5th March 2013


School Notes

As often as possible, staff are uploading the permission and information notes about events to our Ross Hill Public School Website. You can find them on the student page, the notes page, and the individual year blog (see the table, right column of the student page.). You can also see a new link on our main page (this page) next to the newsletter link at the top right of this blog-section.

25th February 2013


Add us to your address book

You can now download our details to your favourite technology: mobile, computer etc. Visit our Contact Us page for more details.

20th February 2013


Parents and Parenting

From time to time our staff find really great resources that help with parenting. These links and resources can be found at the bottom of the parents page. Here is a great new one:

You Can Do It - Parents

According to the website: One of the world's most popular approaches to making happy families.

6th February 2013



Ross Hill has published the first of our 2013 newsletters... This year we will attempt to get them online - before they are sent home. So here is the first one.

See our newsletter.

6th February 2013


2013 Swimming Carnival

Ross Hill is holding our Annual Swimming Carnival as a day carnival on Friday 15th February, 2013 commencing at 9:30am and finishing at approximately 3:00pm.

Children will be bused down to the pool at 8.50am to commence our program at 9:30am. Children will be bused back to school at 3pm in time to catch afternoon buses. Children will be expected to return to school unless an adult is present to collect them. All children are required to have their name marked off as they leave the swimming complex.

Entry to the pool will be $2 for everyone on the day of the carnival – season passes are acceptable. Children will also need $2 bus fare on the day. For more information download the permission note or ask your child's class teacher.

5th February 2013


Infants Athletics Carnival

Ross Hill Infants classes will be particpating in our Athletics Carnival at Varley Oval on Thursday, 20th September 2012. Students will travel by bus to Varley Oval. The classes will depart from Ross Hill Public School at 10:00am and will return to school at 2:30pm.

All parents and caregivers are invited to attend the carnival.

A canteen will be operating at the carnival selling pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches. Students can preorder a hotdog and popper for $3. Hotdog orders need to be returned to the canteen by Monday 17th September.

Statistics from StatCounter.com

11th September, 2012


Walkathon Family Fun Day

Ross Hill Public School P & C will be holding a Walkathon Family Fun Day on 7TH SEPTEMBER, 2012 at our School Hall 9.30am to 2.30pm. The Walkathon Family Fun Day is open to the public.This is our major fundraiser for the year. The money raised from last year’s P & C Walkathon Family Fun Day and from the Canteen is being used to purchase and install playground equipment in the Primary playground. We will be having the following stalls:
Face Painting
Cakes, Slices, Biscuits
Chocolate and Sweets Stall
Books, Magazines and DVDS (DVDS can only be G-rated)
Lucky Dips and Gifts stall
Craft Stall
Plant and Fruit & Vegetable Stall
Monster Raffle tickets will be available to buy with prizes donated by local businesses and families.

Food and Drinks will be available for purchase from the Canteen.

Orders for a healthy hamburger and a drink costing $4 need to be taken to the Canteen by Tuesday 4th September, 2012. You will have a choice of a bun, meat pattie, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sauce. The order form is available from the online newsletters, week 7.

The Monster Raffle is $1 per ticket. Tickets will available from school students, Wade St Mini Mart, Inverell Firearms, Kenway & Clark, Inverell Rural Supplies, the school canteen and at the Walkathon Family Fun Day stall before lunchtime.

We would like to thank all School families who have donated goods or their time towards the organisation of the Walkathon Family Fun Day.

We thank the following businesses and families for their support of our Walkathon Family Fun Day.

Inverell Building Supplies, Inverell Rural Supplies, Inverell Firearms, Syretts Newsagency, New England Truck and Auto, Leah & Chris Taylor
Tasha & Andrew Kerr, Regency Jewellers, Premier Farmhouse, Campbell and Freebairn Chemists, Magnolia, House to Home, Lowes Petroleum, Vicki & Rick Holder, Me & Mr Jones, Kenway & Clark, Wade Street Meats, Wade St Mini Mart, Woolworths Inverell, Border Rivers – Gwydir CMA, Alannah’s Tans & Eyelashes, Commonwealth Bank, Subway Inverell, Fairdinkum Bargains, Target Country Inverell, Black Dot Music, Inverell Bunnings, Inverell Coles Supermarket, Georgia McDonald, All Terrain Gear, Inverell Young World, Essential Energy, Telstra Shop Inverell, Inverell Amcal Pharmacy, Dust Jacket, Ross Hill Public School families, Simply Sisters Stamping Up Demonstrators, Sharon Youman – Fleeting Moments Photography

We are also asking for donations of books, magazines and DVDs (G rated only). These can be taken to the school office during school hours.

31st August, 2012


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