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Our Site Map: a collection of direct links to pages in the Ross Hill Website.

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About Us is the page where you will find offical documents about Ross Hill Public School including our Principal and Deputy information pages.

principal.html - This page includes information about our Principal and our Principal's blog. Usually updated weekly.
deputy.html - This page contains information about our Deputy Principal.
asr.html - Our Annual School Report, which is updated every year and usually available in Term 4. Also downloadable as a pdf.
school-plan.html - a document which connects our Values, Vision, and Mission statement to a plan for financial accountability. Also downloadable as a pdf.
vision.html - our vision, mission and values statement. Also downloadable as a pdf. This document is updated yearly.

- a page describing our valuable community, and a collection of links to the public schools in our community.

location.html - a google-based map of how to find Ross Hill Public School
excellence.html - a page describing our achievements and awards.


The Parents Zone is where you will find information about Ross Hill Public School that is specifically relevant to Parents.

calendar.html - This page includes our term calendar, and links to download each term calendar as pdf's as it becomes available.
canteen.html - This page contains information about our Canteen including our price list. The pricelist is also downloadable as a pdf.
enrolments.html - Information about how to enrol at Ross Hill Public School. Also includes the DEC enrolment form as a pdf. And enrolment tips - downloadable as a pdf.
kindergarten-enrol.html - This information page is specifically relevant to kindergarten Parents who wish to enrol in Kindergarten at Ross Hill Public School.
kindy-dates.html - This information page is relevant to Parents who have enrolled, or wish to enrol at Ross Hill Public School. It has dates specific to the kindergarten enrolment process. This page is updated every year - usually towards the end of Term 3.

- Our Newsletters are stored here: including the most current newsletter and newsletters from upto a year ago. This page is usually updated weekly.

photos.html - This page contains our photo schedule for each year. This page is only updated when close to the Photos time. Also downloadable as a pdf.
routines.html - Information about our normal school Routines is contained on this page.
uniform.html - You can find examples of our winter and summer uniforms on this page.
yearly-planner.html - You can view our yearly planner on this page. Also downloadable as a pdf.



The School Life Zone is where you will find informal accounts of what happens at Ross Hill. The information within this page may be created by students, staff, or members of our community and may not be the official opinion of Ross Hill Public School Executive or the Department of Education and Communities.

dance.html - Ross Hill Dance team is great at dancing! We will show our talent here soon.
literacy.html - information about the Literacy Policy of Ross Hill Public School.
music.html - information about our School Band and the School Musicianship program with external tutors is available here.
numeracy.html - information about the Numeracy Policy of Ross Hill Public School.

- We have some incredible achievements in the sporting arena. Read about some of them here.

visual-arts.html - Ross Hill has some outstanding talent in Visual Arts. We will unveil our talent here soon.

Other Areas  
awards.html - Ross Hill's most significant achievements are celebrated at this page.
library.html - Our Library is nearly the hub of our School wheel. Visit our library soon, but find information about the library and it's associated programs here.
technology.html - Ross Hill prides itself on innovative technology and utilising it efficiently. You can find out about our technology here.

The Student Zone is where you will find information about the classes at Ross Hill Public School including our Kindergarten Blog, and the Special Education Blog.

kindergarten.html - This page includes information about our great kindergarten team, including their weekly blog.
support.html - This page includes information about our highly valued Special Education team, including their weekly Class blog.
you-can-do-it!.html - Our school uses the "You Can Do It!" student welfare program. We have even won National Awards for our excellent student welfare. Find out about "You Can Do It!" at Ross Hill here.


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