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Mrs Jenny Murray was the principal of Ross Hill Public School from July 2007 until July 2013, this year. We greatly appreciated Jenny's leadership and wish her well in the new position she has taken.

Mrs Deborah Baker is Acting Principal until a New Principal is appointed to Ross Hill.

A Note about Ross Hill:

Welcome to Ross Hill Public School. Please feel free to contact either myself or our friendly staff if you would like further information.

At Ross Hill Public School, our active school community places a strong focus on academic excellence, creative and practical arts, student welfare and leadership.

Ross Hill is a wonderful school to work at and an even better school to send your children to.

The Ross Hill School Community is very proud of our commitment to education, of our students' achievements and continually celebrating success.

Ross Hill is the school of choice for my daughter. As both a teacher and a parent I am highly impressed by the professionalism of the teachers, administration staff and support staff.

There are so many opportunities for students in all areas of the curriculum and school life. If a student commences at Ross Hill in Kindergarten and continues to attend Ross Hill until the end of Year 6 they will be provided with a multitude of opportunities to excel.

Some of the many fabulous programs that are offered at Ross Hill include:

Literacy - Best Start, the Jolly Phonics Program, Individualised Guided Reading, Reading Recovery, Boost Reading, Reading to Learn, Debating Teams, Library Programs, Public Speaking Program, the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge and our Literacy 'Thinking Skills' Gifted and Talented Program

Numeracy - Best Start, Count me in too, Counting On, Newman's Analysis and the Year 6 maths Olympiad

Technology - Every permanent classroom has a Smart board, every class has document cameras and PC computers, we have a school computer lab, very grade has a camera, our Winanga Le room has full video conferencing facilities and a school library with state of the art resources

Creative and Practical Arts - Choirs, NECOM Pilot Aboriginal Music Program, Mini-Minstrel's Program for Kindergarten, Professional Music Tutors, two school bands, several dance groups including a state dance group, specialist Visual Arts teachers and in-class creative arts programs.

Health and Well Being - Sip and Crunch, the Healthy Schools Program - see our Canteen, the Sun Smart Program, the Active After School program, PSSA State Knockout Sports Competitions, K-6 Sports Skills Program, extensive playground equipment for play during break times and the "You Can Do It!" Social and Emotional Program.

Leadership - A Student Representative Council, Peer Support Program, Year 5 and Year 6 Leadership Program, Canteen Monitors, Library Monitors, Energy Monitors, Sports Leaders and the Toastmasters Youth Leadership program

Our school is currently undergoing a major face lift, with six new fully technologically integrated classrooms being built near our administration block. It is anticipated that this project will be completed in November 2010 and will enhance even further the outstanding facilities provided at our school.

I invite you to visit our school and to discuss with me the opportunities we can offer your child.

Deborah Baker
Acting Principal

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You Can Do It!

Autumn Weather

With the lovely warm days it has been easy to forget that the cooler weather is on the way. Students are asked to wear their winter uniform from the end of week 3. Ross Hill is very proud of its uniform and our students looks sensational with their school jumpers, jackets and ties on. Students are required to wear their school hat all year round and are asked to leave brand name hats at home.

Our uniform:

  • promotes a sense of inclusiveness and equal opportunity
  • increases the personal safety of students and staff by allowing easier recognition of visitors in the school
  • makes school clothing more affordable for families

We ask all parents to encourage your children to wear their uniform daily. Our clothing pool is available with both new and pre-loved uniforms for sale.

Deb Baker
Acting Princpal

8th May 2013


Great Start to Term 1!

Congratulations to all our students on a wonderful start to 2013. Everyone has settled into their classes and already Mr Migheli and myself have had students coming down to visit to show their great learning and wonderful work.

We have also had lots of fun this term. Our SRC day last week was amazing. Everyone dressed up as a 'Life Goal' - something they would like to achieve in their life. Apart from raising more than $500, our students showed that with a ‘You Can Do It’ attitude they will be successful at whatever they choose. We saw nurses, doctors, scientists, cowboys, pilots, dancers, sportsmen and women, policemen and even a butcher as well as many more professions. Thank you to Mr Butler and the SRC for their organisation.

Dress Up day
Ben as a Pilot
Dress Up day
Lily as a Teacher
Dress Up day
Dusty as an Engineer
Dress Up day
Chelsea as a (mad) Scientist

Deb Baker
Relieving Principal

13th March 2013


Quote of the Week - Feb

Ability is what you're capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it.
- Lou Holtz

12th February 2013


Walkathon Thank You

Thank you... thank you....thank you to everyone for their efforts with our spectacular Walkathon Family Fun Day on Friday. We had a wonderful sunny day, a gusty breeze and loads of enthusiasm. Some students managed more than 20 laps of our course - too good!! We all had a great day in our pyjamas and I can't say thank you enough to everyone who made it so special.

Thank you to all our students for your wonderful outfits, fabulous smiles and kind cooperation. You really made the day special and your teachers and families were very proud of you.
Thank you to the Year 6 Art Monitors who assisted with the face painting. You did a fabulous job.
Thank you to the wonderful members of the P&C and their helpers who organised, set up, sold items, cleaned up and raised funds for our school. Your efforts are so appreciated!
Thank you to Mrs Fox and the canteen staff for keeping the canteen going all day and for your amazing organisation in feeding nearly 800 people with a spectacular hamburger lunch. Lunch time was a highlight of the day with everyone enjoying the great food and the picnic atmosphere.
Thank you to Mrs Hottes for leading the organising committee and for drawing the raffle. There were so many amazing prizes. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets, and congratulations to the winners. We hope you enjoy your prize.
Thank you to all the local businesses who supported the school with their generous donations of items for the raffle. Our students are the beneficiaries.
Thank you to our wonderful teachers and Mr Butler for your help and organisation on the day. It was a sensational Walkathon.

Thank you for joining us on the day and helping create memories.

Deb Baker
Relieving Principal

11th September, 2012


Education Week

Next week is Education Week 30th July - 3rd August. It is a wonderful chance for us to share with everyone the great things that we do every day. Our main celebration day will be Thursday 2nd August with a full day of activities. We hope that you will be able to join us on the day.

10:00 Open classrooms. Have you had the time to visit your child’s classroom recently? This will be a great time to visit with your child and to see their great learning environment. The students are very excited about having you come along!

11:00 Morning tea - Stay and share a cuppa with us in the 'You Can Do It!' garden, or you may like to join your child/children for morning tea in the playground.

11:30 K-2 Principal's assembly + book fair in the library.

12:15 3-6 Principal's Assembly + book fair in the library.

1:00 Picnic lunch - We would love you to stay and share a picnic lunch with your child. You might like to pack a picnic or you can also order lunches from our canteen. Lunch orders need to be placed at the canteen in the morning.

2:00 Staff/Student/Parent Sporting Challenge - It is on again and this year we are playing mixed netball. We are looking for some talented participants to join us for a fun afternoon. Parents and friends are also invited to sit and watch the games. We will be using the hard surface court and a grass court with plenty of action guaranteed. The final is sure to go down to the wire.

There are lots of other activities happening during the week. Details can be found in the newsletter or by contacting the school.

Happy Education Week everyone!

Deb Baker
Acting Principal
24th July 2012


An Ever Changing World

We live in an ever-changing world. Over the next couple of years will see even more change for our schools including the introduction of a National Curriculum and Local Schools, Local Decisions. Last week Mrs Croft, Mr Butler and I attended the New England Regional Principals' Conference in Armidale where change was the focus item for the agenda. What was reassuring to know was that students and quality teaching are, and always will be, our core business and this focus will be strengthened as we embark on changes in NSW.

Ross Hill has gained significantly from changes resulting from funding received via National Partnerships Low Socio Economic funding introduced in Semester 2 2009. It has allowed our school to implement improved programs to seek quality teaching for our students and to embrace state of the art technology to improve student learning. At Ross Hill we are excited to have a wonderful platform for technology throughout the school with interactive whiteboards, document cameras and computers now a normal part of classroom teaching and learning. Mr Campbell has been working with students and staff using flip cameras, and our website continues to expand to deliver quality information about what is happening at our great school to the wider community.

Our close knit school community was rocked at the start of the year by the news of the accident to the Cook family. Mackenzie remains in hospital in Sydney and celebrated his birthday recently. We thank everyone for their generous support for the Cook family through the fundraising activities that have been occurring at school and in the community.

This week we are deeply saddened for the Hewat family on the sudden passing of Mrs Margaret Hewat's husband Jeff. Mrs Hewat has been our dedicated School Administration Manager for the past twelve years. We send our love and prayers to Margaret and her family at this time; our deepest condolences are with you.

Mrs Debbie Baker

19th March 2012


Week 7

This week we will be having our school photos taken. These are a historical snapshot in time of our school and a wonderful momento for families. We look forward to seeing lots of great smiles and our students looking fabulous in their beautiful school uniforms. Primary students and 2B will be having their photos taken on Thursday. K-2 students will be having their photos taken on Friday. If you would like a family photo taken, these will be done on Thursday at lunchtime.

L3 - Language, Learning & Literacy
Last week I was able to attend my second in-service session on L3 training in Sydney. This is a new program to our area and we will begin implementation in our Kindergarten classrooms next term. L3 offers a structure for teaching Literacy that has been developed by the department and it will complement our current exemplary classroom practices. The achievements of Kindergarten students who have participated in the program in NSW have been very pleasing. Ross Hill is committed to providing the best educational practices for our students and we look forward to its commencement.

Ross Hill P&C Association
On the 14th March at 7:00pm the P&C will hold its AGM. All parents and community members are invited to attend. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Cheryl Hawkins who this year will be stepping down as president, a position she has held for the last couple of years. We have appreciated and respected Mrs Hawkins efforts in leading the P&C and acknowledge the contribution she has made to the school. You will be missed Cheryl! Ross Hill students and staff thank you and the current executive committee for their support of the school.

Mrs D. Baker
Relieving Principal

6th March 2012


School Leaders

This week we celebrated as our 2012 School Leaders received their badges at the Leadership Badge Ceremony. Thank you to Mr Mick Migheli and our SRC for leading the ceremony and to our parents who pinned the badges on the students. We were joined by the Principals and student leaders from several other Inverell schools and thank them for being our special guests. Congratulations to all our leaders. We look forward to working with you this year.

Several staff have been working overtime in the last couple of weeks preparing quality lessons for their classes and undertaking professional learning to enhance their teaching. This week Professor David Rose again joins us as new staff are trained in Reading to Learn. This year Ross Hill staff and Inverell High staff are joining together to train so that our students moving into high school have support from teachers who understand, and teach, from the same knowledge and understandings. It is an exciting new venture that will reap rewards for our students.

Congratulations to all our students who competed at our recent school Swimming Carnival. It was a great day with lots of friendly competition and some very close finished. Congratulations to Cookson house who were the House champions on the day. Best wishes to our squad of swimmers who will be attending the Zone Carnival in Inverell on the 24th February.

Mrs D. Baker
Relieving Principal

22nd February 2012


Welcome to 2012

Welcome to the 2012 school year. Our staff are feeling well rested after the Christmas holiday break and are looking forward to a very exciting year. Students have commenced their first few days of school in a very positive and enthusiastic manner. It has been lovely to see such happy smiling faces.

For the first few weeks of the term I am relieving as the School Education Director for New England North, in my absence Mrs Debbie Baker is relieving as Principal. I wish all of our students the best for the commencement of the term and am looking forward to returning as Principal.

I commend our Kindergarten students and their parents on the wonderful manner in you they have transitioned into Big School, and I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

Teachers are holding a Parent Information Evening on Tuesday 21st February so that you can meet your child’s teacher and find out about some of the many learning opportunities planned for this year. Times for each grade will be advertised in our school newsletter.

Yours truly,
Mrs J Murray

8th December 2011


Merry Christmas 2011

2011 has proven to be a highly rewarding year for Ross Hill Public School. We have enjoyed unprecedented funding via National Partnerships and Building the Education Revolution. Innovative programs such as Reading to Learn have proven to improve our student's reading and writing results. We enjoyed a highly motivating Training Day with Professor Michael Bernard founder of the 'You Can Do It!' Program.

Student attendance has improved and student behaviour has significantly improved with far lower rates of suspensions and negative behaviours than any year since 2000. We have once again farewelled another group of lovely Year 6 students who will begin their secondary education at either Inverell High School or Macintyre High School in 2012. We wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

Staff have enjoyed an outstanding professional learning program resulting in improved teacher quality and staff morale. Every classroom has state of the art technology and student surveys indicate improved student satisfaction at school. Our new six classroom building is complete along with new landscaped gardens. Students and staff are enjoying the lovely new facilities with outstanding lighting, withdrawal areas, interactive whiteboards and the building's incredible design ensuring year round interior temperature comfort.

Our Annual Parent Satisfaction survey indicated amazing satisfaction levels with 97.2% of parents indicating that our teachers set high standards and 100% of parents indicating they are happy with the services provided by Ross Hill Public School.

I would like to congratulate and thank all of the wonderful parents and community members for their exemplary support throughout the year.
I also thank our highly dedicated staff who make Ross Hill such an inspiring school to work at. Your efforts are so appreciated.
I wish all of our students, staff, families and community members a safe, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.
I look forward to working with you in 2012.

8th December 2011


Principal's Blog

The term appears to be flying by and our students have enjoyed some very special events including so far this term including Year 2 Swim School, the Years 3 to 6 Gala Sports Day, Year 4 excursion to the Inverell Recycling Unit, the E-Gats Presentation Day, Bundarra Horse Sports Carnival, performances by the NSW Wind Orchestra at the Town Hall, the Sapphire City Festival, Kindergarten Orientation and the State Athletics Carnival to name just a few.

On 29th October we celebrated International Teachers DaChristina Howard and Year 1 staff.y and several of our staff attended the ACE and ACEL awards dinner held in Armidale. Miss Christina Howard won the Australian College of Educator's Kerr Award for outstanding teaching in her first five years of teaching service. Miss Howard is a professional, caring and hard working teacher who has proven to be a wonderful member of our school staff. We congratulate her on her much deserved award.

This week we celebrate Planet Ark National Recycling Week. We are encouraging children to re-use or recycle as many items as possible. At school children are asked to bring their morning tea and lunches in environmentally friendly packaging that can be re-used such as an airtight container used to put a sandwich in rather than cling wrap. All paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium and glass items at school will be disposed of in our recycling bins. Food wastes such as fruit cores and skins will be recycled in our school compost bins.

Year 4 classes are currently learning about how to recycle. An outstanding exposition written by Erin Hayman is attached. I hope others find it as inspirational as I did.

The last week has been very sad as we mourn the loss of John Coombe, a student who was always happy, thoughtful to others and enjoyed school and life. Community support has been wonderful over this time and we thank everyone for their kind sentiments. To commemorate John's life we are currently taking donations to purchase a headstone. If you would like to contribute please send it in a sealed envelope to the school. On Friday 18th November we are holding a Yellow Day to raise funds for this cause. Children are asked to come dressed in yellow and make a gold coin donation.

14th November 2011


Principal's Blog - Week 3

Ross Hill Public School - on parade!Congratulations to Carissa, Jake, Sophie, Mark, Steven, Brooklyn, Sarah, Brianna and Walter on their impressive performances at the State Athletics Carnival held at the Homebush Athletics Stadium last week. The boys relay team achieved a personal best time and all of these students demonstrated great sportsmanship throughout the carnival. Thank you to the parents who drove all the way to Sydney and back and supported their children so well.

Thank you to all of the students, staff, parents, grandparents and friends who supported our float at the Sapphire City March on Saturday afternoon. All of our students enjoyed themselves anddemonstrated to the Inverell Community the pride they have in our school. Thank you to Mr King Ross Hill Public School - on Parade!for his co-ordination of this wonderful event.

On Friday we celebrate World Teachers Day. I thank all of our teachers at Ross Hill for their dedication, enthusiasm and team collaboration every day of the year. Your efforts ensure our school achieves excellence.

At 6.00pm on Friday night several of our teachers will be attending a dinner in Armidale to celebrate Miss Christina Howard’s success in winning the Australian College of Educator’s Kerr Award for outstanding teaching in her first five years of teaching service. Miss Howard is a professional, caring and hard working teacher who has proven to be a wonderful member of our school staff. We congratulate her on her much deserved award.

24th October 2011


Side-By-Side June 2011 - Innovative National Partnerships in Action

Side-By-Side June 2011Ross Hill Public School has been featured in a recent edition of the Department's "Side-By-Side" school newspaper. This paper is delivered to all public schools around the state. See more...

22nd August 2011



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