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There are various ways that we are being innovative at Ross Hill.



We are proud to be leading the way with technology!

  • We have a well equipped computer room where whole classes attend weekly computer lessons.
  • Classrooms are equipped with computers for use in class time.
  • The majority of classrooms have Smartboards installed - we aim to have ALL classrooms with Smartboards by the end of 2010!
  • All smartboards are equipped with document cameras.

What is a Smartboard? Year 3 at the Smartboard

A Smartboard is a large, interactive, touch sensitive whiteboard that is connected to a computer. It is taking teaching and learning levels to exciting new levels!  

See Wikipedia: Smart Boards for more information.


The Benefits of Smartboards in Classrooms:

Improved Student Engagement: Research has proven that students are more engaged in classrooms with Smartboards. Students themselves report that lessons are more interesting when they get to use an interactive whiteboard.

Improved Motivation, Engagement and Attendance: Students must be intrinsically motivated to learn, and that is much more likely when the learning environment is fun and engaging. Smartboards provide a colourful, hands-on, exciting approach to learning.  

Improved Learning Outcomes: Research consistently shows that interactive whiteboards raise student achievement levels in a wide range of subjects.

Catering for All Learning Styles: Some students learn simply by reading a book, some learn by listening and others draw a picture in their mind while teachers talk. Many students are visual learners, and they learn best when they can see visually engaging pictures, videos, images and diagrams. With an interactive whiteboard, teachers can draw on a variety of multimedia resources to help more students grasp a concept.  

All of this research paints a positive picture of the impact that  Interactive whiteboards can have in our classrooms!


What is a document camera?

Essentially, they are a fancy camera mounted on an arm, that can allow teachers to display documents, books or even 3-D objects, on the smartboard.

See Wikipedia: Document Cameras for more information.



Our website is designed and maintained by teachers and staff at Ross Hill. We use Dreamweaver to create, and our brains to innovate.

Some Website Statistics

Statistics from StatCounter.comOur Ross Hill Public School Website has been collecting statistics for over a year now, on who visit's our site. You can see these fascinating statistics here.

Did you know that nearly 20% of our visitors spend between 5 minutes and over an hour?

Or that nearly 20,000 pages from our site have been loaded to people's computers around the world in the last year?

Or that nearly 80% of mobile devices that visit our website are made by Apple?

Or that (we assume) relatives from places in Australia like Alice Springs view our Newsletter regularly, and people in Brazil have translated our pages into their language?

Read more of these statistics here!

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