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At Ross Hil Public School, we pride ourselves with very strong community support. This is shown by the many parents, carers, local businesses and the wider local Inverell community that are highly supportive of our School. Many parents volunteer their time to assist in classrooms, in the school canteen, with music and dance programs, with the implementation of literacy programs, in fund-raising activities, the clothing pool, school banking and in our school library. The school enjoys strong relationships and encouragement from local support agencies.

Our P&C is a highly active and passionate group of parents who contribute significantly to school improvement. In fact our P&C helped establish the school in 1894, and has remained a highly important part of our school since then. Our school canteen and clothing pool are outstanding services managed by our school P&C. P&C Meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month at 7.00pm in our school staffroom. Parents and school community members are welcome to attend.


Sapphire Community of Schools

Ross Hill is a proud founding member of the Sapphire Community of Schools.

The Sapphire Community of Schools is a forum where schools with the Inverell geographic area come together professionally to maximise resources and strategically plan for improved opportunities for students.

The Sapphire Community of Schools comprisesRoss Hill Captains 2012:

The Sapphire Community of Schools is an interdependent community of schools that supports and collaborates together to enhance student learning outcomes.

The principals of the ten schools meet on regular basis to discuss strategies and programs that are jointly implemented.


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